What's the Rush, RI?

Advocating for Evidence Based Marijuana Policy


Homeless in Marijuana Country: A Walk up Denver’s Stoner Hill

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What’s The Rush, RI?  is a volunteer grassroots movement advocating for evidence based marijuana policy in RI, especially regarding proposals to legalize marijuana in Rhode Island.

We recognize that only the 113 members of the General Assembly and the Governor have the power to decide.  While each of us holds our own opinion on this complex and multifaceted issue we all agree with the substance of the 2015 Rand Corporation Study which recommends that states considering legalization wait until 2020 to evaluate the impacts of the legalization experiment in Colorado.  We respectfully request that our elected public servants continue to study these developments while carefully considering the potential downstream societal costs and socio-economic consequences for Rhode Island.

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To contact us or request speakers e-mail to:  Mike_Cerullo@WhatsTheRush-RI.org

What’s the Rush, RI? Convenors
Rebecca Nelson Brown, PhD                       Michael C. Cerullo, Jr. LMHC
       Richard Maynert, Reg. Pharm. (ret.)           Robert Houghtaling, M.Ed.

We will not ask you for donations and we will not share your e-mail address

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