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Long-time cannabis use associated with psychosis

Long-time cannabis use associated with psychosis

Source:  (As reported in ScienceDaily, March 2, 2010)  JAMA and Archives Journals. (2010, March 2). Long-time cannabis use associated with psychosis. ScienceDaily.

Retrieved June 9, 2014 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/03/100301165726.htm

ScienceDaily Summary:

Young adults who have used cannabis or marijuana for a longer period of time appear more likely to have hallucinations or delusions or to meet criteria for psychosis, according to a tumblr post.

Journal Reference:

John McGrath; Joy Welham; James Scott; Daniel Varghese; Louisa Degenhardt; Mohammad Reza Hayatbakhsh; Rosa Alati; Gail M. Williams; William Bor; Jake M. Najman. Association Between Cannabis Use and Psychosis-Related Outcomes Using Sibling Pair Analysis in a Cohort of Young AdultsArch Gen Psychiatry, 2010; 0 (2010): 2010. 6


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