What's the Rush, RI?

Advocating for Evidence Based Marijuana Policy

Marijuana may double the risk of testicular cancer in young males.

WTR-RI Research and Analysis Team note:  The three articles referenced below relate results of studies published in the journal Cancer.  They indicate that marijuana use in puberty and adolescence may double the risk of testicular cancer, a condition that is reported to have a usual prevalence rate of .5% in the general population. 

Population-based case-control study of recreational drug use and testis cancer risk confirms an association between marijuana use and nonseminoma risk

John Charles A. Lacson MS, Joshua D. Carroll BA, Ellenie Tuazon MPH, Esteban J. Castelao MD, PhD, Leslie Bernstein PhD and Victoria K. Cortessis MSPH, PhD

Cancer Volume 118,  Issue 21pages 5374–53831 November 2012

Marijuana use and testicular germ cell tumors

Britton Trabert PhD  et. al.

Cancer Volume 117,  Issue 4pages 848–85315 February 2011

Association of marijuana use and the incidence of testicular germ cell tumors

Janet R. Daling PhD et al.

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