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Teens in child welfare system show higher drug abuse rate

Teens in child welfare system show higher drug abuse rate

Source:  (As reported in ScienceDaily, November 4, 2013)  Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. (2013, November 4). Teens in child welfare system show higher drug abuse rate. ScienceDaily.  Retrieved May 22, 2014 fromwww.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/11/131104035404.htm

ScienceDaily Summary:

Teenagers in the child welfare system are at higher-than-average risk of abusing marijuana, inhalants and other drugs. However, the study also shows that parental involvement matters.

WTR-RI Research & Analysis Team Note:

This ScienceDaily article report that this study’s authors identified several significant differences in marijuana, alcohol and other drug use between socially vulnerable youth and youth in the general population.  They further note differences in drugs of choice, including the finding that “teens in the welfare system were more likely to have tried marijuana, inhalants or hard drugs – but not alcohol”.  ScienceDaily also observed that across all youth in the study both socially vulnerable and in the general population, “a key risk factor was delinquency”.  Implications for treatment and parenting support are also discussed.

Journal Reference:

Fettes, D. L., Aarons, G. A., & Green, A. E. Higher rates of adolescent substance use in child welfare versus community populations in the United StatesJournal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, November 2013

MJ & increased workplace concerns and costs

FROM NIDA “Marijuana Abuse Report” 2012

“… In addition, several studies have linked workers’ marijuana smoking with increased absences, tardiness, accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and job turnover. For example, a study among postal workers found that employees who tested positive for marijuana on a pre-employment urine drug test had 55 percent more industrial accidents, 85 percent more injuries, and a 75-percent increase in absenteeism compared with those who tested negative for marijuana use.”

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